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Welcome to the Airwave Europe news blog with all the latest news about one of the UK’s leading suppliers, installers and integrators of digital television and audio visual equipment. Airwave offer Hotel Mode TV’s, Hospital Televisons, Information Channels and Digital Signage throughout the Hospitality and Commercial sectors . We also offer Hollywood Movies, TV and Audio Content for Hotels, Ships, Rigs and Prisons. Our blog will provide an interesting insight into our company.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Don't always trust your postcode!

Many people check their postcode at to see when the analogue signal is being turned off. This normally indicates the situation based on their local transmitter, but if the transmitter is out of area this information could be misleading and hotels need to check for the actual transmitter their aerial is pointing to. “Hoteliers in Llandudno, who cater mainly for English guests, really need to check if they are receiving their signals from the Winter Hill transmitter, because if so they need to upgrade to digital by November this year.” said Andrew Moss, Northern Area Sales Manager for Airwave.