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Welcome to the Airwave Europe news blog with all the latest news about one of the UK’s leading suppliers, installers and integrators of digital television and audio visual equipment. Airwave offer Hotel Mode TV’s, Hospital Televisons, Information Channels and Digital Signage throughout the Hospitality and Commercial sectors . We also offer Hollywood Movies, TV and Audio Content for Hotels, Ships, Rigs and Prisons. Our blog will provide an interesting insight into our company.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Premium Package for the Pomme D’Or Hotel

Airwave Europe recently upgraded the entire TV infrastructure of the Pomme d’Or Hotel in Jersey, part of the Seymour Group, to allow free-to-air satellite reception, including hundreds of channels from across the globe in many different languages. Airwave installed the IRS TV network while the existing network was still running, allowing the hotel to remain open throughout.

Samsung 32” LED Hospitality TVs were fitted into the guest rooms, which pick up the satellite reception and offer guests a vast range of channels with many in HD. Wayne Bowring, Airwave’s Key Account Manager, comments: ‘These screens are perfect for the Pomme d’Or as they cater for their international guest mix, as well as creating an elegant focal point to the guestrooms’. Airwave also installed AirINFO, our own full HD Hotel Information Channel, which was tailored for the hotel. The channel incorporates images and video as well as information on hotel services and local news and weather.

Senior management and guests at the Pomme d’Or Hotel are delighted with the results. Luis de Oliveira, General Manager, has said, ‘our guests have very high expectations of in-room services and technology. In a highly competitive market, it is essential to enhance their experience with an exceptional information and entertainment environment. We offer an extensive range of channels in superb clarity. Additionally, a dedicated information channel allows us to promote the hotel facilities and special offers via a very user-friendly portal.’